Thursday, September 24, 2009


Fun Wilton cupcake accessories for the party!

Finds for Monster Bash table

IMG_7528, originally uploaded by moggiegreen.

I've found some great Monster items at Target - shown here paper plates, stickers and food containers.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Favors for Monster Bash

Favor Collage, originally uploaded by moggiegreen.

I ordered items today for the favors for the Monster Bash party from Oriental Trading. First up, Monster Treat Cups which the guest will be able to assemble themselves. I'm going to put all the parts in different jars and containers and label them (ex. Monster Eyes etc). The "treats" will be packaged in clear bags and can them be slipped into the completed monster cups at the party. For the favors, I stuck with the monster themed items and order lollipops, lizard lips and hilarious monsters glasses with noses and furry eyebrows! I'll probably add a few pencils, glow sticks and some more candy to the bags and them add a paper topper with each guest's names.

Table scape ideas

IMG_7523, originally uploaded by moggiegreen.

Here is what I have for Table ideas so far for the Vampire Ball Party ...

- Shiny silver tablecloth with black bat lace overlay (Homemade)
- Black and Silver candle sticks with crimson candles (Homegoods)
- Crimson chargers with black plates and silver accent plates (Homegoods)
- Black velvet and lace pumpkins (more in next post)
- Glittery silver skulls (Homegoods)
- Black and silver welcome banner (Target)

Inspiration for "Monster Bash" Party

Inspiration for "Monster Bash" Children's Party with fun, cute monsters!
Colors: Black, white, orangle, purple and green
Accents: One eyed monsters, black and white polka dots, etc.

Inspiration for "Vampire Ball" Party

Here are some inspirations for the "Vampire Ball" dinner party.
Colors: Black, silver and crimson
Accents: Glitter, candles, lace, blood and bones

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Tale of Two Parties

I love Halloween Parties - not the scary, fake blood sort, but a well themed dinner party with lots of fun details. This year, I'm planning two Halloween parties with two very different themes! The first will be our traditional adult dinner party with the theme this year being "A Vampire's Ball" with decorations in silver, black and crimson, candles, glittery skulls and skeletons. We're going to do a buffet this year to accomadate a few extra guest. The second party is for children and will be co-hosted by my "little sister". It is going to have a fun monster theme with bright Halloween colors of orange, black, and purple. I'll post details as they come together for each party.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Details from Chocolate Shower

Lower left corner: Chocolate Pretzals in coordinating colors
Lower right corner: Fruit on sticks for chocolate fountain and other assorted goodies
Upper right corner: Chocolate cake and other goodies
Upper left corner: Chocolate cupcakes and whoopie pies

Event: Thank You Chocolate Buffet
Color Scheme: Brown, teal and white
Accent: Decorative wrapping paper used to cover boxes and to create sign
Highlights: Chocolate fountain and a variety of delicious chocolate desserts!

Monday, March 16, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

My creation, originally uploaded by moggiegreen.

Dessert for our holiday dinner was green cupcakes with green frosting and decorations and green jello jigglers cut in the shape of shamrocks!

St. Patricks Day Party

My creation, originally uploaded by moggiegreen.

My "Little Sister" and I hosted a St. Patrick's Day dinner complete with some traditional Irish dishes and lots of GREEN!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wedding Shower Nametag

I made these paper flower corsages as nametags for a bridal shower. Each had a multi-layered paper flower with jewel center, ribbon streamers and a green paper leaf with their name and relationship to the bride-to-be. They were a big hit - even amongst a crowd not too keen on wearing name tags.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bridal Shower Place Setting

Bridal Shower Place Setting, originally uploaded by moggiegreen.

Pretty in Pink place setting that would work well for a Bridal or Baby shower. The placecard is a paper flower that can also be worn as a corsage.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Halloween 2008

Place setting for Candy themed Halloween party complete with circular menu card and lollipop place card!

Candy Halloween Party

Candy Halloween Party, originally uploaded by moggiegreen.

Halloween 2008 was celebrated with a CANDY themed party! From left to right: Candy face pumpkins and large glass jars of festive candy served as decorations; Candy weath and reflected table with tissue paper puffs hanging from the ceiling; Candy arrangement centerpiece; Party guest hosts and guest; Stacked pear and gargonzola salad; Guest with Candy Cone favors and placecard lollipops

Valentine's Love Bug

IMG_6431, originally uploaded by moggiegreen.

A cute love bug cupcake to celebrate Valentine's Day!

Oscar's Place setting

We had a wonderful gathering of friends to watch the Oscar's on Sunday night! Our guests donned their PJs for great food, good company and a chance to critique the fancier dressed guests on our television. Our menu items were inspired by the countries in which nominated films were set. Each item was served in minature so that everyone could try lots of different items.

My creation, originally uploaded by moggiegreen
Although we served dinner as a buffet, I played around with place settings which would work with the party theme!

Check out more photos from the party on additional posts.

Oscar's Celebration

Oscar's Celebration, originally uploaded by moggiegreen.

From top left to right:

Table scene; Baby Rueban Sandwiches, New York, "Revolutionary Road"; Spicy Chick Peas, India, "Slumdog Millionaire"; California Sushi Rolls, USA, "Milk"; Lots of food!; Barbeque Pork Lettuce Wraps, Vietnam, "Tropic Thunder"; Tomato and Mozzarella Lollipops, Spain "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"; Raspberry Pavlova, Australia, "Australia"; Favors

Oscar's Celebration!

Mini Reuban Sandwiches from New York, "Revolutionary Road"