Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Summer fun!

We celebrated the end of summer with a Lobster and Clam Boil! Although I am definitely in the turf rather than surf camp when it comes to food, I was swayed by the possibilities of red and white checkand bright red lobsters (plus my husband is a fan of the shelled bottom feeders). I embraced all aspects of the celebration and left the devouring to the guests. Of our 28 guests - almost half were lobster eaters and the other half not so they was plenty of food and good times for all regardless of their preferences for crustaceans.

We found a recipe for Lobster and Clam Boil online which included a broth of Old Bay Seasoning, white wine and onions. The smell was delicious and although we learned that everyone has their own favorite way to cook lobsters - it was a success! It's so nice that our daughter is now old enough to enjoy assisting in the kitchen and with party hosting.

The Decor

Decor included red checkered table clothes and napkins, tin pie plates, galvanized buckets, newspaper printed wax paper, red lanterns and fresh flowers from the gardens. Buckets held the tools required for eating lobster and collected the debris after the fact. Although we had original planned to set up the tables outside - rain relocated the festivities to our barn. We set up a tent outside for the propane stoves and 

The Food

For surf lovers we had lobsters and clams, potatoes and corn on the cob. For all french bread and baked beans. For the turf lovers grilled chicken, corn on the cob, kielbasa and potatoes.


And the show stopping cake for dessert!


 Guests enjoying food and wearing crazy hats ... thank you all for a great evening!