Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Dracula's Wake

With somber tidings, we announce Dracula's Wake. Your presence is requested at calling hours to include casket viewing, refreshments and mini golf.

Our party was hosted at Monster Mini Golf in Danvers, MA in the party room. The room itself has a wonderful vibe with Gothic haunting decor. We brought decorations to supplement and celebrate the "wake" theme.

Upon entering the room, guests were greeted by a photo of the deceased and a full length black coffin which served as buffet for assorted appetizers.

Guests could read Dracula's obituary and view photos of his surviving relatives surrounded by candles and a ceremonial wreath. A bust of Dracula was prominently displayed. Women were presented with a corsage, men received boutonnieres and children had ribbons.

Creepy accessories for all guests which also served as favors. 

The coffin served as a buffet for an assortment of appetizers from chicken "bat" wings, "moldy" cheese balls, beef "flesh" pops, fried "black eyed" peas and more. 

One of my favorite party elements and a big hit with the younger (and young at heart) guests was the "blood bath" of tomato soup with "bone" grilled cheese sandwich dippers. 

After enjoying the appetizers, it was time to be tempted by the delicious desserts. "Tooth decay" trifle in push pops were displayed in test tubes. Strawberry tart was served with syringes of whipped cream ready for guests to dispense as prescribed. Guests also enjoyed "Blood" red velvet cupcakes and a twist on the traditional caramel apple with caramel-chocolate pears!

Guests enjoying the desserts and cranberry-cider punch.

 Guests came in costume to mourn the loss of Dracula.


After the casket viewing and feasting, we all headed to the indoor course to play mini golf!