Monday, January 16, 2012

The process behind a party

When I start planning a party, I gather ideas and inspiration everywhere I go. I thought you might find it interesting to see the gathering and inspiration progression for my most recent party.

It starts with a general theme - winter sleigh ride party. Ideas for decorations and DIY are gathered on Pinterest.

I collect photos of possible items to purchase ...

As I also love to sew items for my parties, I look for coordinating fabrics that will be highlighted throughout the decor.

(It's fun to look back and see how early ideas looked in the final product!)

Next, I roughly sketch out key aspects of the party like the dessert table and make lists of all the different aspects so nothing is forgetten.

The sketch is then transformed into the real thing ... not bad!

I also play around with ideas I find online to adapt them to theme and color scheme. I found how to for these great hot chocolate on a spoon ideas online, added the theme fabrics and natural accents and the end result was a great favors for guest of the party.

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