Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wedding Rock!

One of the element's that I dreamed of incorporating in our wedding from the beginning of our planning was "rock". For those unfamiliar with this nostalgic British seaside treat, "rock" is a candy stick with words or pictures down the length of the stick. It comes in many flavors, but peppermint is the most classic. It's sold in beach resorts along the English coast and was the quintessential souvenir from your summer holiday. It was a favorite treat when I visited family in England or brought back by visiting friends. As my family is English, I incorporated English traditions throughout our wedding.

We started with a few companies in England but the cost of shipping was prohibitive. We were excited to find an artisan in Florida practicing the craft of rock making. Raley's Confectionary produced our rock and even sent great photos of the process. As you can see above, the large pieces of sugar in each color are pulled into long rods which are shaped into letters. The letters are then wrapped in more sugars before the log is pulled into long thin sticks. 

We placed the rock into tent cards which served as place cards for each of our guests. Our names throughout the rock were a sweet little surprise for our guests!


Wendy said...

It was a very special nostalgic treat!

Gail Bird - Birdhouse Ent. said...

You will need a lot of help if every party you plan is a perfect and detailed as you wedding festivities. .. not missing a single detail..