Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring Tablescape

I started work on a table scape for the Maddycake Muse Easter Tablescape contest - didn't have time to complete it as I would have liked, but decided to post what I did finish.

I went with a spring theme with a focus on things that mean spring to me - warmer weather when you can play outside again, sidewalk chalk, jump rope, bubbles, flowers and of course Easter eggs!
For the table cloth, I used a plain white cloth and painted spring shapes with blackboard paint. For the mock-up, I doodled on the shapes with sidewalk chalk, but for a party it would be fun to leave black and then allow young guests to decorate their "placemat" when they arrived.
Each place gets a fun straw cup, a divided plate ready for tasty treats, a pinwheel, springy head gear and favor bag.
Each favor bag was full of things to play with in the warmer spring weather - jumprope, sidewalk walk and a lollipop.
The table is decorated with decorative pails, bunny mascot, eggs, more chalk for doodling, flowers and spring toys.
With more time, I'd add more to the table, height to the buckets and a fun garland of felt butterflies and pendants. Maybe I'll get to it this week ... Despite the snowy forecast, Happy spring! Hopefully the weather will soon match the indoor decorations!

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The Perfect Place said...

So cute and creative! I love the chalkboard painted shapes. This gives me a great idea for a super hero party that I’ve been working on.