Sunday, August 21, 2011

Let's get cooking party!

Two friends and I threw a dinner party to celebrate our friend's 30th Birthday and upcoming wedding! She loves the color orange - so we celebrated with an orange themed Cooking Party.

The party table:

Special chef's hat for the guest of honor:
Table decorations included baskets of orange veggies and fruit, glasses of bread sticks and giant orange silverware. Each place setting was decorated with a flower straw and mini garlic grater.
Each chair was festooned with an handmade apron for each guest - tucked in the pocket was a set of recipe cards for the items on the night's menu:
The aprons!
In the kitchen, ingredients and recipes were laid for guests to work together to prepare the meal.



Guests enjoying the celebration!

The invitations included screen-printed dish towels with party details and a recipe card with specific instructions. Instead of gifts, each guest was asked to bring a kitchen utensil (wooden spoon, spatula etc.) that we combined into a "Utensil bouquet"!

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